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2655 Kingsway Ave,
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Roofing Services Vancouver

A roof is the most crucial element of any house structure in Vancouver as it acts as the first line of defense against weather and unwanted intruders. Along with providing protection against extreme weather conditions, it enhances the aesthetics of a building and increases its resale value. Moreover, installing an efficient roofing system helps in saving huge energy costs, whether it is a residential or commercial building.

For people who have been in a misconception that installing or replacing the roof is a very expensive project, Kingswood Roofing Company is there for your rescue. By serving the Tri-Cities and Metro Vancouver areas for over 15 years now, Kingswood is the name you would hear when it comes to best roofing contractor at affordable prices in Vancouver city.

With honesty and reliability, we as a team, have built an appreciable and prominent position in the market. And, over the past years, we have been witnessing a tremendous organic growth through our satisfied clients who keep referring us to their friends and other people.

We hardly ever felt the need to advertise our services as every project we deliver speaks for itself.

Why Us for Roofing in Vancouver?

At Kingswood Roofing, we strive to provide timely and cost-effective services to surpass the expectations of our clients. In fact, through our superior products and keen attention to every detail, we have been creating a roofing experience like no other company in the city has ever created.

Here is why you might need us for your next roofing project –

Our experts understand it better that a good roof is the ally of a solid foundation. So, it is important to use roofing products that are of A-grade quality for delivering the kind of results as planned. Every product we offer to our client is backed by warranty and lasts for a lifetime.

We recognize the value you place on your property and are fully committed to providing you with best of the services. Our roofers and contractors have the desired skills, training and experience to create perfect roofing for you.

We understand the nuances of every roofing system and provide you with solutions that protect you from burglars and all sorts of water damage. From roof repair and replacements to roof cleaning, we make sure to deliver our jobs to the best of our capabilities.

As a leading roofing company in the city, we also provide free estimations to our clients. Our expert roofers visit the clients on site to discuss the possible design options and also invite clients to view a sample of our materials for a satisfactory customer experience.


What services do we provide in Vancouver BC?

We feel proud to call ourselves a full-service roofing company offering a dynamic set of services including:

Being an essential part of your home, eavestrough needs to be properly installed and taken care of.

For emergency eavestrough installation or repair, rest assured on our professional team that would have you covered throughout the process.

These are supporting elements for your roof gutters that prevent the moisture from getting to the substructure of your roof and inside the walls.

We provide warrantied installation and replacement of these necessary parts to guard your house against excess moisture and nesting of pests.

With constant exposure to weather, the residential roofs tend to get damaged and demands re-installation of a better roofing system.

At Kingswood, the team understands how to hit a balance between aesthetics and functionality of roofing and strives to provide solutions to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

Installation of commercial roofs requires great skill and precision. It differs from residential roofing in terms of materials, design, construction, and cost.

However, our extensive experience has brought us the right kind of expertise to install and repair roofs for commercial establishments as well.

A property remains in A-plus condition with regular inspection and maintenance. Carrying out timely repairs extends its lifetime and increases the safety levels.

The comprehensive inspection and maintenance services provided by Kingswood are quick and affordable and can transform any property into a new one.


Kingswood Roofing is a fully licensed, insured and a WorkSafeBC-compliant company located in Vancouver. It has also earned an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau and has gained a great reputation for building safe and aesthetically appealing roofs.


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